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Easy Fab Fabrication Center
Easy Fab Fabrication Center
Product Detail

The Easy Fab Fabrication Center is engineered for efficiency, simplicity and reliability to ensure profitability for its users.

The Fab King fabrication center utilizes the a 5.6HP motor on a rigid cantilever frame.

It requires little or no experience to operate and can cut out any sink shape using a template (which means

no mistakes and precise dimensions) in as little as 6 minutes. It can drill utility holes in seconds with minimal tool wear.

Edge profiling is quick and easy with no threat of scratching the surface.Gantry movement insures smooth travel for the X and Y axis.

Other features of the machine include surface polishing and honing, and back-splash polishing.


Easy for milling hole,profiling and polishing edge

1.Dust free operation.

2.Rugged construction.

3.Precision control raise/lower with friction brake.

4.3 point adjustable work surface.

5.Installs in minutes.

6.Heavy duty spindle bearing for long life


Optional:pneumatic for tools change